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Stealth Startup
UX Mobile Designer
Part Time






2 months ago

We are a soon-to-be-funded stealth startup working on an AI messaging product. We are a looking for a senior experienced mobile UX designer who can be part of our journey in the early days to craft the full-fledged figma prototype that can be handed to product engineers to build the product to fidelity.

The team is currently 3 technical founders with combined 25yrs of mobile development experience with mast majority in FAANG. We have worked across Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp and chances are you have used a feature we have built.

Since this is at the start of the journey, there is lot of flexibility we can offer in terms of employment contract. Eg. Freelance, parttime, etc. If we are looking for a second job outside our existing 9-5 committment, that can be worked out too. As the company grows you will have an opportunity to join as a permanent employee, if you so wish.

If interested, please share your CV, portfolio over email. Do note that prior experience with mobile development is mandatory and the portfolio should reflect so.