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Ragged Edge
Senior Designer
Full Time




£45,000 – £55,000


4 weeks ago

We’re looking for a Senior Designer who truly believes in the power of big ideas to inspire unique brands.

As a Senior Designer, you’re the driving force at the core of the creative process, generating ideas and design solutions. You’ll work alongside strategists, writers and client managers to push the work forward at every step. You’ll play a key role across many projects. Think brand creation, rebrands, and other creative challenges that span digital and physical design. You’ll inspire clients and creative teams to be brave. And you’ll create work that creates change.

We’re looking for someone who cares less about what is, and more about what could be.



You’re inherently optimistic about what’s possible.

You’re curious and willing to learn.

You have experience creating design work for brands that want to stand out.

You’re comfortable delving into the unknown and following a concept to its fullest conclusion.

You’re passionate about big ideas and storytelling, as well as the minutiae of design craft.

You thrive whether in front of colleagues or clients.

Your talent comes without ego, and you see collaboration across disciplines as a way to make the work stronger.



Ragged Edge is a branding agency for people who care less about how things are, and more about how things could be. Anyone with the conviction to challenge the status quo. Anyone who believes branding has the power to change organisations, change industries, change perceptions, and change behaviours. We call them Changemakers.

But change is never easy. So we challenge our clients, taking them to the edge of what’s possible in order to create a brand that can achieve change, with a process designed to reward bravery.

We help our clients make the strategic and creative leaps necessary to transform from the inside out. Taking them from where they are today, to where they can make a meaningful change in the world.