We are Garden, a global branding consultancy, looking for some beautiful digital design capability to join a highly capable UK based team.

If you want to work on ‘brand’ focused projects, where originality and beauty are at its heart, we are a good place to play.

We are looking for people who can support our designers with strong UX/UI design, someone who is not only Illustrator/Photoshop proficient, but who can work in XD or Sketch, someone who can think for themselves, ego free, perfection and beauty focused. Strong understanding of user experience balanced with striking design, always with good SEO in mind is the perfect combination.

Your genuine portfolio will tell us most of what we need to know, plus your pedigree if you feel it adds more substance..

Our projects are varied, but current need is in the digital start up/appreciation arena. The brand has been created and some initial XD files, and now it needs some beauty treatment only delivered by the best of designers.

This needs to be you;

  • foremost – ‘beautiful and cool design’
  • XD or Sketch capability
  • SEO knowledge
  • fast and efficient for our rather fast but considered pace
  • ego free
  • knowledge of build principles – where h-tags should be placed and why, responsive design principles, page weight, while creating beautiful and original thinking
  • self sufficient

If you are good, you will be used for some incredible projects.

This is us: https://wearegarden.co.uk