What is VEED.IO?

Me (Sabba) and my co-founder Tim started VEED, an online video editing app just over a year ago. Since then we have grown much faster than we expected, about 40% every month! Thousands of influencers, brands, schools, artists, and podcasters create content on our platform every day. Hey, you might even know some of them 🙂 We are a bootstrapped company and have always been public about our revenue, growth and failure.

VEED.IO is looking for a UX / Product Designer.

So far I (Sabba) have designed everything on the site and sadly I just dont have enough time to keep up with the growing product demands. Therefore we are looking for someone to take the take ownership of the UX and continue building VEED into something really special.

We would love to see applications from designers with 3+ Years of experience working with user interface design. Someone who can make smart UX decisions and turn complex flows into simple interactions.

Someone how can make functional products simple and beautiful.

You will be working alongside Aryana a super talented UI designer and also myself. You must have good communication skill, be able to build relationships with our users regularly and run regular user testing sessions.

How we build the product

We love talking to our users and think it is the best way to get to know them. This is important because after all, they are the ones paying for it!

To date, this strategy has guided our entire product development and has served us extremely well. That being said, there is a lot of room for creativity, experimentation and learning.

Bonus points: Brand skills, dev skills, content creation skills.

What will you be doing?

Building a video editor! You get to design and change the way people create videos, VEED is used by almost 10,000 people every day, I MEAN COME ON, how cool it that!

Where, when how?

Work remotely?

Work from home with your dog?

Bring the dog into the office?

Need a few days off?

Work part-time in the office?

Work in a cafe?

Swap a weekday for a weekend?

Working a half-day?

All of the above is 100% good for us! Our entire team is remote (and always has been). We are happy as long you’re happy. You will have the freedom and autonomy you need to make decisions and do your best work. Our team is smart, young, and extremely talented and driven. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we all love what we do.

OH one more thing! We would really encourage applications from female UX designer! Our team is diverse and we want to keep it that way 🙂

How to apply

Click Apply by URL and if you want to stand out we highly recommend using our webcam recorder or our video editor and making us a super short intro video explaining why YOU would be a great fit for VEED!!