And—Now are hiring!
Freelance middle-to-senior-weight designers.
And—Now is a London-based brand consultancy that works with innovative businesses across the UK. We specialise in brand identity, visual messaging and ideas-based campaigns, helping our clients to identify their ‘meaningful difference’ and communicate it to maximum effect, through ambitious graphical solutions.
We’re looking for brilliant and creative freelance Middle/Senior weight designers to add to our extended team on an ad-hoc basis. This might be project or time specific, depending on what we’re working on and what you can bring to the team.
Originally established as Energy Design Studio 22 years ago, And—Now is a fresh addition to the land of Brand Consultancy. 
We are proud to be small but perfectly formed, with excellent industry connections and the ability to generate and fulfil imaginative, research-driven ideas. Our mission (soon to be yours) is to fully immerse ourselves in the work of our clients and develop beneficial creative solutions to be truly proud of.
We are happily multi-disciplinary, and as a small and busy studio we often require the skills of external freelancers to slot into our core team, bringing with them an additional creative perspective and a can-do attitude. This role will be on a project-specific basis so we are happy for you to work remotely if required.
You’ll need:
  • A portfolio which shows off your proven skills as a freelancer and what you can bring to the team. No problem if you have one freelance ‘superpower’ — just show us what you specialise in and how well you do it!
  • Excellent conceptual and design skills (no surprises there).
  • A passion for research-fuelled design solutions.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of our team, collaborating from concept to final delivery of a project.
  • Excellent working knowledge of Adobe CC.
  • Ability to work within brand guidelines, and then break them. Occasionally.
  • Excellent time management, and ability to produce outstanding work to a deadline.
  • A can-do attitude.
How do we work?
  • Everyone does everything, no one is above or below any project and every input is valid: from intern to director.
  • Accountability is important to us: we take responsibility for our work (even if we make mistakes!).
  • We have a firm emphasis on participation, transparency and discussion.
  • We make sure everyone gets heard.
  • We aren’t precious about ideas, they will be dismantled and made into something even better.
  • We always support and recognise success.
  • We have empathy with colleagues and clients, and focus on cultivating relationships with people.
  • We pledge to always keep learning and embrace the new, taking risks, but not at the expense of deadlines.
  • And most importantly: we make sure we always leave the client and the project better than we found it.
If this sounds like you, please drop us an email.
We’d like a short intro about yourself, where you are located in the world, your freelance day rate and a PDF of your favourite projects.
We will be in touch shortly!