We’re a remote-first tech startup (with an office in London) on a mission to rid the world of emotional pain by making therapy a default benefit in every company, like paid holiday or pensions.

We make a Slack and MS Teams integration that companies pay for to allow their employees to access wellbeing tools and content (if they’re feeling okay), ask questions to therapists over message (if they’re feeling a bit ‘meh’), and book video sessions with qualified therapists in just three clicks (if they need more support).

Spill also takes the pulse of how the whole team’s feeling each week and follows up automatically with anyone who’s not feeling great, so that people can talk to someone before they need to talk to someone. We believe that mental health support is best accessed early and often.

How’s it been going so far? Since launching our product in January 2020, we’ve grown from 0 to over 400 paying companies in just two years — including big names you’ve probably heard of, like Depop, Citymapper, Typeform and Bloom & Wild — and now over 1,200 people have video therapy sessions on Spill each month. Spill therapy reduces symptoms of anxiety and low mood by 45% and 54% respectively (a bigger improvement than NHS therapy), so a whole lot of people are feeling a whole lot better because of what Spill is doing.

🎨 The role

We are hiring for our first ever full-time Graphic Designer in order to fill a design skills gap in the team so that we can achieve our goal of becoming the most-loved mental health brand in the world.

Until now, all the graphics for Spill have been made by non-designers. This is bad. We’re a company trying to completely change how people think about and access mental health support, and a big part of that is down to how Spill comes across, both visually and verbally. Part of the stigma around mental health support is worsened by the fact that it’s commonly portrayed as highly medical, usually crisis-based, and often filled with jargon. We exist in a wider category where you tend to see photos of sad people staring out of windows, lots of pale pastel colours, and lots of small print. To radically reframe how therapy is used, we need to radically reframe how it comes across. That’s why the Spill brand is (and always will be) bold, colourful, simple, friendly — a brand you’d be happy to be seen using rather than one that seems medical or embarrassing.

Now that Spill is growing rapidly, however, we need someone with experience and skill to take our visual identity and graphics to the next level. You’d be responsible for the visual output of Spill touch points, with most of the focus being on marketing collateral and materials. The role would include things like:

  • Evolving Spill’s visual identity going forward
  • Designing infographics and layouts for guides and presentations
  • Designing posts for social media
  • Designing new pages on the Spill website
  • Creating illustrations and simple motion graphics
  • Designing comms for our customers and employees
  • Designing graphics and layouts for use in the Spill product
  • Designing random pieces of surprise & delight (like our counsellor advent calendar!)
  • You’ll report into the Head of Brand & Content.

💛 The ideal candidate

Don’t meet all of the role requirements? Don’t worry! We care about outcomes rather than tick-box criteria, and it’s often the case that the perfect person for the role has a CV that looks a little different.

Research (by Harvard University 🤓) shows that women are particularly likely to second-guess themselves and not apply — so if you’re worried you don’t meet all the criteria, get in touch anyhow and let us do the worrying.

✅ 2+ years of graphic design experience. We’re looking for people with specific experience in graphic design.
✅ Illustration skills. You don’t need to be an illustrator by trade, but we do need someone who can create illustrations from scratch, and can adapt to our house style.
✅ Motion graphics skills. You don’t need to be an animator by trade, but the role will require making some simple GIFs and Lottie animations. We’d expect you to be proficient at After Effects or a similar piece of software.
✅ An obsessive amount of care and craft. We’re looking for someone who can name a font just by glancing at the screen, who cares way more than they should about spacing and padding, and who is willing to keep adjusting and tweaking until everything looks just right.
✅ 10/10 taste. A big part of this role is to enforce and defend a new visual quality bar at Spill: this requires knowing what great design looks like, knowing what to tweak or add when something isn’t looking up to our standards yet, and knowing how to fight for your case.
❌ We’re not looking for a web design specialist or a UX designer. Whilst there may be pieces of work focusing on the Spill website, we’re looking for someone who specialises primarily in graphics (including illustration and motion graphics) rather than in web design or UX.
❌ We’re not looking for a marketing generalist or a design school graduate. We’re looking for someone who’s done this before — and is looking to step up and take their graphic design career to the next level, or to apply their design experience to an exciting mental health startup brand.

Pay and benefits

The salary for this full-time role is £33-40k, plus stock options. We also offer:

🏝 30 days holiday (plus Bank holidays)
🎂 an extra day off for your birthday
🌳 Spill bank holidays
🧠 free Spill therapy sessions whenever you want them
🧳 team away-days and work-aways
🖥 £200 WFH setup allowance
🍼 parental leave

The application process

4 rounds, totalling 4 hours over about 2 weeks

📝 Application: submit your CV and a portfolio of your best work — please include examples of graphic design, illustration and motion graphics work you’ve done
📞 Initial call (30 min): discuss the role and your experience with the Head of Brand & Content
🎨 Task (2 hours): complete a take-home design task
📞 Task debrief (30 min): talk through your task and the choices you made
📞 Culture call (1 hour): chat about values and working style with a couple of other people on the Spill team