What we want

  • A graphic designer who understands branding, UI/UX design and print.
  • Someone who looks forward not backward. Who understands the history and wants to make progress.
  • A person who is, sociable, excitable, enjoyable.
  • Someone who can communicate well, which means can talk about their work, about other’s work, about the client, and to the client.
  • A person with ideas.
  • Someone who understands the technical, whether it’s UI design or type design.
  • Experience is important, more than 3 years.

Who we are

  • Igloo is a creative & digital agency whose spiritual home is East London, although we are between studios due to the pandemic. We specialise in brand identities, graphic design and web development, and get a buzz from doing things that people haven’t done before, doing them better, exceeding our clients expectations, and from having a good time doing it.
  • We aim to produce strong conceptual and functional work. Work that, whilst playful and intelligent, is strongly routed in a brief and achieving results.
    We want you to be creative, to develop, to get the work done, and to have fun.


  • The position is permanent, £30-40k pa depending on experience.
  • To apply please fill out the application form at airtable.com/shrXCT9omANYBL3PB
  • We look forward to meeting you.