We’re looking for a new brand designer to join our agency. Middleweight? Senior?
We don’t wish to label you, or have your skills defined by a title.

What we do wish for is:

  • For you to not only be capable of great ideas and concepts, but that you can also see them through, with your execution being just as considered as the idea itself.
  • Enthusiasm. We’re a reasonably fast-paced agency (but who isn’t) and although quick turnarounds aren’t the backbone of what we do, they can sometimes be part & parcel of it and we need to react accordingly, without compromising on quality.
  • It’s 2020. Any digital/motion/animation skills you have in your locker will be welcomed, embraced and put to good use.
  • Versatility. We don’t specialise in a particular sector, which is great news for you as the briefs you work on will be as varied as the clients themselves.
  • Someone who simply loves their job. Because if you truly do, then this is a great opportunity.

This is a hands-on role within a collaborative and tight-knit team, who are constantly looking to over-deliver on the clients expectations. We feel privileged to be in this position and value our clients as much as they do us. We also value you, and champion creative freedom.

With a strong concept in place, we’d expect you to see it through, from start to finish.
Naturally, support and direction are always available, but so is freedom. Freedom for you to show us what you can do, and why we’re lucky to have you.

S.E.D.’s design studio is based in Shoreditch, London. At present, you would join the rest of the team by following the WFH guidelines. Beyond this, we do ask that you consider our permanent location when applying.

Salary dependant upon experience.

Please email us using the Apply by Email button with a covering letter and a link to or a pdf of your work.