Hello! I work at EdenMarsh, creative recruitment agency in Sydney. Over the past week I have been speaking to lots of talented and respected creative types who are now facing impending redundancies, already lost their jobs or freelancers seeking their next contract.

We are all going through this difficult time together however in the midst of all this I would encourage ALL creatives from Finished Artists to Retouchers, Branding Designers to Digital UX/UI Designers, Art directors to Creative Directors to use this quiet time to refresh your folio, CV and website. Let’s get your work ready, before we know it this hard season will be over. Don’t give up!

I’m building up a lovely client base that will be in need of talented creatives soon enough so please get in touch with your new souped-up folio and I would be happy to have a chat.

Get in touch with Suzannah at hello@edenmarsh.com.au Stay Strong!