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Designer (NFT industry)
Full Time






1 year ago

ROLE: Designer
TEAM: Product
REPORTS TO: Head of Product
LEVEL: Staff

Our need

Bitmark is seeking passionate people with the skills and vision to take our products to the next level. As a designer, you will help craft meaningful products that bring joy and autonomy to their users.

Our expectations 

  • Understand Bitmark’s core technologies at the level required to drive design decisions.
    Work within existing design systems to craft clear and intuitive interfaces.
  • Develop additional product assets, such as app store images, marketing collateral, and social media visuals.
  • Collaborate directly with engineers to explore and realize designs.
  • Validate implemented designs through user testing and community feedback.
  • Construct UI prototypes to elicit feedback on future product directions.

Our ideal candidate

Skills & experience

  • Exceptional work experience in graphic design, preferably also with a university degree in the field. Interaction design or other product design experience is helpful but not necessary.
  • Proven organization, time-management, and English communication skills.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in contemporary software design tools, especially Figma.


  • You are a team player who cares more about making the best possible products than receiving individual credit.
  • You seek honest and frequent feedback because you know it makes you stronger as a designer. You’re not afraid to give your best effort to something that might never be released.
  • You appreciate both the challenge and freedom of working as part of a fast-paced, fully distributed global team.

Our products

  • Feral File — an online art gallery focused on creating a sustainable NFT ecosystem for digital artists. Feral File launched in May 2021 as a collaboration with the visionary digital artist Casey Reas and has hosted over a dozen successful exhibitions featuring some of the top digital artists around the world.
  • Autonomy —the world’s first and only digital art wallet. It gives you one easy-to-use app to securely collect, view, and discover digital art you love. Autonomy works with Ethereum and Tezos and is built to support all new chains as they emerge.

Our company

Bitmark has been pioneering NFTs and other tools for creative collaboration since 2014. We raised a Series B funding round in early 2022 and were named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2020. We function as a fully distributed global team anchored in rich geographic and cultural diversity. We’ve sought to align our internal work culture with our larger mission to increase human autonomy by implementing a fair and transparent compensation structure across our organization. We’ve summarized everything we’ve learned about this (so far) in our salary and equity policy. To learn more about who we are and how we work, please check out our culture, employee benefits, and employee review process.

Our hiring process

If you are interested in joining our team, please email us at with the title of this position in the subject line. Impress us by showing why you belong at Bitmark.

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